Our precast concrete retaining wall blocks play a central role in the retaining walls that we design and manufacture. Shea Concrete’s high-performing precast concrete retaining wall systems stand tall in New England’s active climate, and because of their durability, remain a staple of our concrete products.

    Shea Concrete’s extensive concrete retaining wall block inventory can be found in our online catalog. With over a dozen block types to choose from, we meet the demands for many retaining wall applications. If you want to catch a peek at prior jobs our retaining wall systems have serviced, take a look through our online gallery (below).

    Are you looking to give your retaining wall system an aesthetically-pleasing appearance? Shea Concrete has you covered. Our standard retaining wall block texture is granite.  We also offer rustic texture which is made to order. Our variety of shapes, designs and unique textures give plenty of options to meet each of your retaining wall project needs. Our precast concrete retaining wall blocks are designed to be long-lasting and meet the highest standards of strength and durability. You can rest assured that your retaining wall will remain standing for years to come.

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    Retaining Wall Blocks With Design & Form

    Concrete retaining wall blocks from Shea Concrete Products are constructed in a collection of shapes that offer the ideal blend of function and form for your retaining wall project. The shapes of our retaining wall blocks permit 90 degree corners and curves to be included in designs, which gives designers more options to work with. Creativity and flexibility go a long way for an aesthetically-pleasing retaining wall and our extensive wall block types will help you achieve that.

    Shea Concrete’s new fence and guardrail blocks also provide sufficient options for architects and engineers by allowing retaining walls to follow unique paths. Such retaining wall designs provide a structurally-pleasing look to existing properties. Browse through our concrete retaining wall block options below or download our full PDF Catalog of block shapes for sizing and specification information.


    Build Your Wall

    Economical and easy to install, Shea Concrete retaining walls feature a unique locking system that permits walls as high as 12′ without a geo-grid. Each block is made from wet-cast, air-entrained concrete with a minimum PSI of 3,000 for incredible strength and durability that exceeds industry standards. With a standard face size of 48″ x 16″, place just one block and you have installed 5.33 sq. ft. of retaining wall. And since no mortar is needed, the blocks stack up quickly.

    ReCon Wall Installation Overview

    Proper installation procedures for a ReCon retaining wall follow closely those used for most modular, mortarless segmental retaining walls. However, the difference is that ReCon retaining wall blocks are not placed by hand, but with equipment typically owned and used by most experienced retaining wall installers or landscapers.

    There are times when unique solutions are necessary on a particular project site. Special procedures such as soil-nailing or veneering in front of H-pile can solve difficult site challenges. ReCon specializes in helping its customers find unique solutions that save time, money and valuable real estate.


    Block Specification Resources

    Architects and Engineers can look through our database of construction detail drawings, Google Sketch-Ups, design and construction manuals and fence and guardrail block specs to fully plan a retaining wall project. By using the specific diagrams and measurements of each of our concrete blocks, architects and engineers will be able to more accurately design retaining wall layouts.  Use the resources below when planning your projects. There are PDF sketchups, google sketchups, dwg files and more.

    • Banking Steps

    • Recon Block Types
    • Base Block Placement
    • Typical Gravity Wall Cross Section
    • Typical Geogrid Wall Cross Section
    • Geogrid Orientation Curved Walls
    • Inside Radius Full Block
    • Outside Radius Full Block
    • Base Row Step Up
    • Top of Wall Step Up
    • Alt Top of Wall Step Up
    • Outside Corner Detail
    • Inside Corner Detail
    • Outside Corner Detail – Fixed Ends
    • Guardrail Detail
    • Railing Detail
    • Water Application
    • Draintile Detail
    • Capstone Unit Details
    • Step Unit Details
    • Full High Cap Block
    • Installation Overview
    • Installer & Designer Documents
    • - Design Parameters
    • - Wall Construction
    • - Curved Walls
    • - Top of Wall Treatments and Steps
    • - 90 Degree Corners and Abutments
    • - Railings, Guardrails and Staining
    • - CSI Master Format Specification
    • Drawing 300 Fence Block Types
    • Drawing 301 Full High Cap
    • Drawing 302 Fence Block End to End Interference Check (15 foot radius)
    • Drawing 303 Fence Blocks End to End Interference Check (20 foot radius)
    • Drawing 304 Fence Blocks End to End Interference Check (25 foot radius)
    • Fence Block Specifications
    • Drawing 400A Guardrail Block (Top Down View)
    • Drawing 400B Guardrail Block (End View)
    • Drawing 402 Guardrail Block (Inside Curve, 35 foot radius)
    • Drawing 403 Guardrail Block (Outside Curve, 40 foot radius)
    • Guardrail Block Specification

    Shea Concrete regularly offers classes and events offering instruction and information on retaining wall design and installation. The lessons teach contractors and engineers the features and benefits of a Shea Retaining Wall System, the basics of wall planning and design, the details of wall construction and installation and how to implement custom and complex wall applications. Take a look at our list of events that are open for registration, and be sure to stay tuned for upcoming classes and events.

    Learn About

    • Features and benefits of a Shea Retaining Wall System
    • Planning and design
    • Wall construction and installation details
    • Custom and complex applications


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