Retaining Wall Installation

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Retaining Wall Installation

Retaining Wall Installation

July 23, 2015 / Case Studies

About The Project

Shea Concrete was able to provide a wall system in heights exceeding 14 feet without the use of geo-grid. Shea Concrete was also able to deliver the material in a quick enough time frame to meet the contractor's demand. At one point the contractor was installing almost 1000 square feet of retaining wall block a day.

Structure Description

The project consisted of installing six ReCon/Shea Retaining Wall Systems, totaling over 25,000sf. The architect was looking for a design that was hard to meet using most wall systems. But ReCon and the support team were able to meet the challenge. In addition, the architect thought the look of the large block texture offered by Shea Concrete Products matched well with the New England landscape. One of the challenges was the capability of building tall walls without the use of geo-grid. Due to site conditions, buildings and underground utilities would interfere with the reinforcing grids.


FM Global Corporate Headquarters
Johnston, RI


VHB Engineering
Providence, RI

Site Contractor

DiGregorio Corporation
Smithfield, RI