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  • Transportation

    Our precast concrete barriers, precast concrete curbing and JJ Hooks products meet all Department of Transportation Standards. Each of these precast concrete products perform a variety of duties and are designed to meet or exceed the most stringent industry standards. Our precast products are suitable for industrial, municipal, environmental, and private construction markets.

  • Barriers

    In addition to the J-J Hooks line of precast concrete barriers, we produce a variety of other products. If you would like access to the DWG files login to our website.

    • DOT Temporary Barrier Type F - Bolt Down & J-J Hook Connection

    • DOT Temporary Barrier Type F - J-J Hook Connection

    • Median Barrier F Shape Normal Height

    • Median Barrier 10' Double Face

    • Median Barrier 10' Single Face

    • Median Barrier 10' Tapered

    • Median Barrier 2' Double Face

    • Median Barrier 5' Double Face

    • Median Barrier 10' Double Face Fence Post

  • Curbs

    Shea Concrete produces the highest quality parking curbs made from precast concrete. Also known as wheel stops, parking chocks, curb stops and bumper blocks, precast concrete parking curbs are designed to facilitate parking management at your facility. We produce a wide variety of products. If you would like access to the DWG files register on our site for an engineer login.

    • Bumper Curbing Double Face

    • Bumper Curbing Single Face

    • Truck Stop

    • 45 Deg. Curbing Section in 5' and 7' Radius

    • 6' Curbing Section with Optional Gutter Inlet

    • 90 Deg. And 180 Deg. Curbing Section

  • JJ Hooks

    Concrete Barriers by J-J Hooks offer superior ease-of-use combined with unmatched versatility. Whether you need a temporary barrier solution, or a long-term installation, J-J Hooks barriers provide proven performance and safety. Find out more here.

    Key Features

    • Lowest Cost-To-Produce barrier in the industry
    • Free-standing, Bolted or Pinned installations
    • MASH TL3 and NCHRP-350 TL3 Tested
    • Fastest Setting Times of any system available
    • Lowest Installation Costs of any system available
    • Smaller Installation Crews than other system
    • Improved Worker Safety, no hands between barrier
    • Tight Radius Ability, reduces traffic congestion

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