Our stormwater line offers a selection of the finest products available to deal with high volumes of runoff water. We offer two new filtering systems from Enviroment21.

    Our full product lineup includes box culverts, oil and grease separators, rain and trench drains, sediment and oil separators along with two state of the art filtration systems the Unistorm and the V2B1.

    • Rain Drain

    • Box Culvert

    • Water Quality Inlet

    • Typical Sediment & Oil Separator 1500 Gallon Tank

    • Gasoline Sand Trap

    • 2’X3’ Box Culvert w/ Top Slab

    • 2’X4’ Box Culvert w/ Top Slab

    • Environment 21 NJDEP Stormpro Vault

    • Trench Drain 8” X 16”

    • Trench Drain 12” X 18”

    • Box Culvert (3- Sided) Worksheet


    The UniStorm system employs low head loss internal flow diffusers and flow distributors. This design reduces turbulence, improves flow distribution, and allows on-line operation to eliminate pollutant bypass during high intensity rainfall events.

    The UniStorm is available in manholes and vaults, and it meets EPA regulations of 80% TSS, but the cost savings obtained from using a single structure design.

    In addition the UniStorm can be designed with a flow control device when it is being utilized at the outlet of detention, creating the perfect treatment train.

  • V2B1

    The “V2B1” is the flagship stormwater filtration system. Its unique standard pre-cast concrete two manhole design allows it to help you meet the EPA goal of 80% TSS removal efficiency. The inlet manhole has a tangential mounted inlet pipe that creates a swirl flow pattern, which improves flow distribution and reduces turbulence, thus enhancing sedimentation settling. Proper sizing essentially offers a complete removal of sandy sediment.

    The “Center Withdrawal Elbow Pipe” conveys flow to the outlet manhole where floatable debris is retained by using an underflow baffle. And, as with all environment 21 products, maintenance is a cinch with access openings to all stages and a clear view to the sump. The V2B1 is ideal for unique site scenarios with other utilities.