Monitoring a septic distribution box helps ensure your septic system is operating at peak capacity, which means your wastewater is being evenly distributed throughout your drain field. The first 8-12 years of septic system life is always the best period to examine the condition of your septic distribution box.

    Each trench receiving wastewater flow is must be at equal levels, or overloading will occur. This is where septic system issues surface and its you and your property that pay the price. A functional distribution box is a key piece to the system’s overall performance, so don’t fall victim to faulty components!

    Shea Concrete Products’ septic distribution boxes are a staple of our impressive precast concrete septic products. Check out our catalog below. If you’re interested, call us at (800) 696-SHEA.

    • Distribution Box 6 Outlet

    • Distribution Box 5 Outlet

    • Distribution Box 21 Outlet

    • Distribution Box 13 Outlet (2 inlet)

    • Distribution Box 9 Outlet

    • Distribution Box 10 Outlet