Pump Chamber & Septic Tank Installation

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Pump Chamber & Septic Tank Installation

Pump Chamber & Septic Tank Installation

November 10, 2014 / Case Studies

About The Project

The contractor was able to finish the pump chamber promptly and reduced the cost of maintaining an excavation during high water table and severe weather conditions.

Structure Description

The project consisted of installing a Pump Chamber 96” ID x 11VF and two 2500 Gallon Monolithic Commercial Line Tanks used for overflow in case of emergencies. Due to the water table, and weather conditions, the contractor was under time restraints. Shea Concrete was able to manufacture and deliver the customized pump chamber with holding tanks in a timely manner. Shea Concrete Products using their 25 Ton QMC Delivery Truck/Crane was able to set the products in the contractor already prepared excavation, allowing the contractor to quickly backfill after delivery.


Lakewood Heights Development
Merrimac, MA

Site Contractor

Busby Construction
Atkinson, NH