Large Manhole Installation

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Large Manhole Installation

Large Manhole Installation

September 20, 2016 / Case Studies

About The Project

The contractor was able to install the manholes efficiently reducing the interruption to area businesses. The contractor chose Shea Concrete Products because we were able to deliver in the time frame needed and deliver a quality product. Making the contractors job more productive.

Structure Description

Project consisted of installing two 96” ID Manholes to replace an existing drainage line. The outfall pipe size was increased from 24” to 42” diameter to accommodate a residential development and alleviate an ongoing flooding problem. The contractor was under time restraints due to heavy traffic patterns and local companies still open for business in the area. Shea Concrete was able to manufacture and deliver the large manholes in a timely manner. And the manholes were set by the contractor quickly in already prepared excavations.


Eagle Lane
Methuen, MA

Civil Engineer

Meisner Brem
Westford, MA

Site Contractor

Unit Construction
Groveland, MA