Septic Tanks

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Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks

Keep It Flowing! A Comprehensive Guide

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Traffic Bearing

Precast can be used in traffic-bearing applications, where plastic tanks cannot.


The weight and internal strength of the product overcome buoyancy issues that are present with competitive materials.

Longer Life Expectancy

The design life of precast tanks is greater than all competitive materials, and should be positioned as "longer design life."


Precast septic tanks maintain watertightness throughout their service life and longer than competitive site materials.

Quality Control


The quality-control process in the facility environment during production ensures the integrity of the product. Precast products meet and exceed ASTM guidelines and local standards, as evaluated by a third-party inspector.

Site Variable

Controlling and eliminating all the elements or variables (e.g., weather, site conditions, labor) ensures maximum control and supervision over the production process.


Cost Effective (Up Front)

Precast is typically less expensive than alternatives.

Easier to Install

There are fewer steps required in the install of precast versus competitive materials, and it can stand up to the "rigors" of the jobsite.


Use in a Variety of Sites

Precast is always a "self-sufficient" solution (does not need other additional products or materials to have strength).

One-Stop Shop

We have the capability to do more than "just sell a tank" and need to shift the mindset from selling a product to offering a solution. We can offer design assistance and help the specifier get through permitting. Builders don't want to know everything about waste treatment, and we can relieve them of that nuisance.