Retaining Walls

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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls



The product can be built throughout winter and periods of inclement weather, which is not possible for competitive solutions, and once installed can withstand the elements.

Performance of Precast Walls

Large block retaining walls can go much higher without reinforcement than any competitive materials.

Quality Control

Engineering Advantages

Precast walls are an engineered product, with the engineering built into the production process. This pre-engineering ensures the product arrives on site as a strong product with quicker installs and less onsite labor than other competitive materials require.


Labor Efficiencies

Production in the plant greatly reduces the number of labor hours on the jobsite. This is a huge impact in a Davis Bacon or prevailing wage project.


The ability to cast panels in different heights and lengths through modifications to standard forms, while not disrupting the site, allows other work to be done on the site at the same time. This shorter time on site is particularly important when it affects the public by shutting down traffic or access.



Production in a controlled environment allows consistent matching of colors across multiple pieces, which cannot be controlled on a jobsite with weather variables like temperature and humidity.

Advances in Technology

Precast technological advances have made visually appealing designs more attainable (e.g., full height panels versus traditional 5x5 panels).


Graffiti Resistance

Precast sound wall coatings, sealants and non-porous surfaces are less likely to be graffittied, and are also much easier to clean. These benefits help with the longevity and maintenance of the product.