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Long service life

Precast has a longer design life than other materials, and is a long-term value as opposed to a short-term product.

Traffic Worthy

Precast can be used with confidence in all site applications, including traffic/load-bearing sites.


Competitive materials tout their watertightness, but precast has a compelling story. Precast manholes maintain watertightness throughout its service life and longer than competitive materials.

Strength Upon Arrival

Precast products have strength from the time it arrives on site, and can stand up to not only the rigors of the job, but also the abuse of the jobsite prior to and during install.

Quality Control

Quality-Control Process

A precast product produced in a manufacturing environment ensures the integrity of the product. Precast products meet and exceed ASTM specifications and local standards. Production in the controlled environment adheres to quality control guidelines and assures a uniform product in fit, strength, durability and function.


Precast is easier to install

than competitive products (particularly plastic and fiberglass). The precast product is self-supporting and less reliant on the backfill (e.g., precast is an engineered product versus competitors needing an engineered installation).


Adaptable Solutions

As precasters, we can make modifications to their product forms to adapt to local challenges or site-specific requirements (e.g., unknown elevations or configurations of utilities). This ability to adapt and customize design differs from the centralized production of plastic or fiberglass products.


Locally Made

Products made for your community by your community.