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Long Lasting

Precast is a long-lasting solution with less required maintenance/less issues than other alternatives.


Product is designed to AASHTO standards or other requirements at a minimum.

Quality Control


The quality-control process in the facility environment during production ensures the integrity of the product. Precast products meet and exceed ASTM guidelines and local standards, as evaluated by a third-party inspector.


Quick and Efficient Installation

Precast has the ability to set many linear feet in a day.

A Total Solution

It does not require any forming or pouring on site; shows up ready to install and use.

Limits Site Disruption

Precast greatly reduces the inconvenience to the public through road closure time with speed of install.


Versatile Products

Precast can fit almost any configuration and installation situation.


Precast can be tailored to any taste or environment via the headwalls and wing walls, form liners, etc.

Accommodating to the Site

Precast can accommodate most sites (maximize the opening for waterways, help preserve the natural streambed, etc.).

Culvert Versatility

Culverts can be used for many additional applications besides bridges, such as walkways, detention, etc.


Available Locally

Local product enables quick and straightforward installation.