Catch Basins

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Catch Basins

Catch Basins


Engineered to Last

Quality-controlled production ensures the product will meet or exceed its design life.

Quality Control

Versus Cast-in-Place

Precast is an engineered product, created in a quality-controlled environment, to ensure product quality and timeline by eliminating the impact of variables, like weather, site conditions and labor dependencies.

Quality Control Documentation

This documentation demonstrates adherence to specification and design.

Ready to Use

The product arrives at the jobsite ready to use, and already tested and quality controlled (reducing the chances of costly replacement).


Less Disruption Onsite

Precast allows for other work at the site to be completed while the product is being produced. It also frees up the laborers at the jobsite for other tasks.

Precast is easier and faster to install

Precast can show up and be installed within hours versus the days necessary to complete cast-in-place.



Each inlet can be manufactured to the height designed in the plans, but can adapt as jobsite condition changes are communicated.


Inlets can accommodate any type or size of pipe, and can adapt to situations where multiple types and sizes of pipe are present.


No Surprises

When a precaster is producing a product, the contractor can have confidence that the product will show up when promised, ready to install and with the quality control standards that come with precast production. No surprises, no contingencies and no cost implications.