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Shea Concrete Products chambers can be easily modeled with the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System, allowing simplified calculation of the chamber’s storage and infiltration behavior. This provides direct support for dry wells and leaching chambers produced by Shea Concrete Products, and allows Shea products to be easily used within any HydroCAD model for stormwater storage, detention, or infiltration.


The HydroCAD Chamber Wizard also performs automated chamber system layout, and simplifies the process of designing a chamber system meeting specific storage and footprint requirements. This greatly simplifies the layout, pricing, and modeling of underground storage systems.

HydroCAD can generate a complete inflow or runoff hydrograph of stormwater chambers, making it easy to model complex storage arrangements such as a combination of multiple chambers, pipe storage, catch basins, or other contributing volumes.

In addition, HydroCAD can automatically calculate the combined storage at any water surface elevation, allowing for easy determination of the storage for virtually any configuration of storage chambers without having to resort to any manual calculations.


Shea Concrete Products can be modeled with HydroCAD-10 build 23 or later. After launching the HydroCAD Chamber Wizard select the desired Shea product and set the desired system dimensions. Shea products can also be modeled with the classic “Prefab Chamber” option, but the Chamber Wizard is preferred for automatic handling of system layout and stone backfill.

If you have an earlier HydroCAD-10 build, you can get the latest build at no charge by using your previous HydroCAD-10 download details. If you have an earlier version of HydroCAD, you must obtain a program update in order to model Shea Concrete Products.

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