January 7, 2015 / News & Events

Shea Concrete Products has re-opened the doors to its fourth precast concrete production plant after closing it in June 2008 for economic reasons. The 50×100-foot plant, up and running earlier this month, now employs its newly-hired Operations Manager, Jerry Mailloux.

Mailloux joins Shea Concrete after 21 years at his previous precast concrete employer and will oversee operations for a plant that specializes in producing smaller precast products. These products include utility, stormwater and septic products.

“We had hopes that we’d open that plant sometime this year,” said Shea Concrete Manager Greg Stratis. “In 2008, the market was really dropping fast and we needed to shut it down to cut costs. But we held on to the property despite offers to sell it or rent it.”

Following its 2008 shutdown, the Nottingham production plant was utilized as a storage facility and not open for yard business. Shea Concrete’s Wilmington, MA plant had also closed in that same year, although it re-opened about three years ago. Its four production plants, with the other two in Amesbury, MA and Rochester, MA, gives the precaster the flexibility it needs for expanding its market share.

“The primary objective is to expand our market share through New Hampshire,” said Stratis. “We want to make the products we manufacture throughout Massachusetts to be available in New Hampshire as well. We just figured the southern New Hampshire market would return, so we never sold the plant. The opportunity was there and we took advantage of it.”

Mailloux’s arrival was the final step in bringing back Nottingham. According to Stratis, the company is in the midst of its best fiscal year since the economic struggles of 2008. The timing of the company’s economic growth and what Mailloux has to offer culminated in bringing back Shea Concrete’s lone New Hampshire location.

“I’m looking to expand Shea Concrete’s presence with New Hampshire utility companies as well as through northern New England,” said Mailloux. “I’m hoping, with my reputation and experience, that I can do that. It’s about getting Shea Concrete’s name in the northern New England marketplace.”

Mailloux is responsible for overseeing all production items within the Nottingham plant, talking directly with customers and adding new utility products to Shea Concrete’s inventory. Widening its precast utility stock and partnering with New Hampshire utility providers is a strategy it sees for expanding its sales presence in northern New England.

“Jerry definitely has a lot of experience, ideas, drive and excitement,” Stratis said. “I want to make sure we help him develop his ideas as best we can. I think we’re going to learn a lot from each other.”

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