April 25, 2014 / News & Events

Shea Concrete ReCon Retaining Wall Now Completed For Massachusetts Non-Profit

The property is divided into three separate walls with varying heights and widths. The largest of the three stands just under 14 feet tall and over 200 feet in length. The other two walls are both nearly 13 feet in height.

“Opportunity Works is a notable nonprofit that helps a lot of people in the Merrimack Valley community, so it was a good opportunity for us to showcase our ReCon wall system in a place with a lot of foot traffic,” said Shea Manager Greg Stratis. “Unit Construction did a great job installing the walls and we’re very happy with the outcome.”

The facility sits on a sloped piece of property, which led to the retaining wall installations. Engineer Phil Christiansen of Christiansen & Sergi, Inc. said the retaining walls were required due to the building’s parking area. Christiansen directly specified Shea’s ReCon wall systems.

“Ideally, for a big structure with a lot of parking, you want a flat piece of property but that wasn’t the case here,” he said. “The only way to deal with that, considering the size of the building and the parking area requirement, was to put up a wall.”

“When you have a property like this one, the walls are in close proximity to where the people are, so it needs to look good and the Shea walls do look good. If you had a wall that wasn’t attractive, it just takes away from the setting of the whole project.”

“Their product is nice to work with and their service is great, you can’t beat their service as far as we’re concerned,” said Jim Bowles of Unit Construction. The contracting company was responsible for installing the ReCon wall system and has worked with Shea for a number of years on a variety of projects. They also laid the walls for Shea’s Amesbury, MA production plant.

“Shea is quite helpful in that they do provide structural engineering for the walls and also provide a lot of advice,” said Christiansen. “Shea comes back to us with recommendations once we give them some parameters on length, height, and other specifications.”

Opportunity Works is a nonprofit corporation that works to improve the quality of life for adults with developmental disabilities over the age of 22. Many have severe multiple disabilities and require complex program plans and individualized services. Their notable programs include community-based employment and day habilitation. They are coming up on 40 years of service in May.

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