5th "Virtual" Technical Engineering Seminar: Admixtures 101

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5th "Virtual" Technical Engineering Seminar: Admixtures 101

5th "Virtual" Technical Engineering Seminar: Admixtures 101

November 19, 2020 / News

Shea Concrete Products is excited to announce our 5th "Virtual" Technical Engineering Seminar that is available through our Podcast (The Precast Podcast) and will allow for an online library of technical seminars that professionals can access to gain industry knowledge and stay current with professional development credit hour requirements. Listen to the episde here.

This "virtual" seminar opportunity allows for participants to obtain three (3) individual professional development credit hours as follows:

1. 1.0-Professional Development Hour (PDH)

2. 1.0-"NHDES Subsurface Systems Bureau" Credit Hour (NHDES Subsurface Designers & Installers)

3. 1.0-"NEIWPCC" System Inspector (SI) Training Contact Hour (TCH)

Presentation Title: Admixtures 101

Presentation Summary: Admixtures 101 will explore the basics of concrete admixtures from use, classification, and different types of technologies available in the market today. We will also look at specifications and guidelines that drive the need for the use of admixtures, to accomplish many things in both plastic and hard properties of concrete.

Presenter: Jim Carreira -- Senior Sales Represntative (Master Builders Solutions)

Presenter BIO: Jim is a Senior Sales Representative with Master Builders Solutions. Jim worked for ten years in the utility precast space from 2004 – 2014. He has experience in many roles from yard manager, to batch plant operator, to QC manager, and then onto plant manager. With Master Builders Solutions Jim focuses on promoting new and innovative products for concrete mix optimization. He supports customers with product initiation, technical support/training, and testing.

Presentation Download

How To Get Your Credit Hours:

1) Email Hugh Scott (hscott@sheaconcrete.com) to receive the PDF version of the “Admixtures 101” presentation discussed during “The Precast Podcast” Episode 30 or download the presentation directly from our website: To be added once completed 

2) After listening to “The Precast Podcast” Episode 32 email Hugh Scott the three (3) 6-digit numeric codes provided & indicate what credit hour certificates (as outlined above) you would like

3) You will receive individual credit hour certificates for your records via email 

Please contact Hugh Scott, PE at 978-447-2041 or hscott@sheaconcrete.com with any questions.  Email correspondence is preferred.