Easi-Set Pump House – Five Corners Easton, MA

January 26, 2021 / Featured Projects


Essential to having a new wastewater system at Five Corners in Easton, Mass., was the erection of a new pump house. Easi-Set Buildings licensed producer Shea Concrete Products manufactured and installed a 20’ x 24’ x 11’-11” precast concrete pump house. While it looks like one large building from the outside, this actually is a two-building project joined together under one roof. If you take a look inside, one precast concrete building houses the pumps, and the other contains the electrical components.

Both precast concrete modules were delivered on individual trailers, and then craned into place onto the engineered gravel pad. Once at the site, it took just five hours to install the entire structure.

Each module has a flat precast concrete roof. After installation, wooden trusses were placed on top of the flat roofs and finished traditionally to complete one roof encompassing the entire structure. An economical option of using a cast-in brick-face finish was implemented in manufacturing to complete the final aesthetics of the project.

The $21-million Five Corners project, which included the pump house and new sewer lines, can treat 165,000 gallons of wastewater per day. It is the largest infrastructure project to date in Easton.

To learn more about Easi-Set all-precast concrete buildings from Shea Concrete Products, please contact us through:

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