Culvert Installation

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Culvert Installation

Culvert Installation

March 10, 2014 / Case Studies

About The Project

Upon its arrival at the job site, contractors seamlessly laid the boxed culvert into place where it now can serve the function of facilitating proper drainage in the surrounding area. “This project showcases the capabilities and drive of Shea Concrete to produce precast concrete products that are as unique as the projects they encounter,” remarked Mark Barnes of Sea and Shore Contracting, Inc. “This job was no easy task, but it was attainable through the hard work and determination of everyone involved.”

Structure Description

Shea Concrete Products produced a boxed culvert system that adhered to strict design and performance requirements to connect to a 48” storm water pipe. The chosen construction site was a challenge, for the newly laid culvert would travel over an existing 60” diameter sewer line. In addition, the precast box culvert not only goes downhill at a 30 degree angle, but also drops 8 feet before reaching the river. Standard casting methods could not be used for manufacturing the culvert transition angled sections. In order to manufacture these segments, Shea Concrete relied on a labor-intensive task of hand-crafting wooden forms.


South Main Street Route 125
Merrimac River
Haverhill, MA

Civil Engineer

Vanasse Hangen Brustlin
Watertown, MA

Site Contractor

Sea & Shore Contracting
Randolph, MA